Sunday, November 13, 2011

In Preparation...

So I got up this morning at an ungodly hour and actually tried putting in an hour or so of working on my cutwork. It worked for about roughly 45 minutes after which I was yawning so much that I could barely see in front of me let alone what I was cutting on my glass table. 
Anyhoo... I did manage to cut quite a few pieces.  While the morning stint was short and further cut short by need to visit my mother's place down the street. I meant to work at her place as well as I have a bigger glass piece that is a more conducive workspace. However, once I got there I got busy making lunch and by the time we were done, they were showing "Taare Zameen Par" on TV, so ended up procrastinating for the next couple of hours. 

The hubby and I ended up ordering in from Margherita and it bought me an entire evening of cutting time and thus I made up for my slacking off all afternoon. 

In the morning session, I cut mostly gold and peacock blue
Check out this fallen flower below

I also cut another design I like to call Esperanza, also on Peacock blue satin,

In the evening I worked on the following design in brown satin which I hope to place on copper gold or beige satin to create runners or table place mats.

At the end of the night I actually managed to find time to update pics on my new facebook page for Zaffran Jhola.  You folks need to check it out and post on the wall. I am trying to keep a more comprehensive album of my cutwork designs. Feel free to join the group for Zaffran Jhola as well.
ok it's late and I actually need some sleep if I want to get through another day of cutting out satin tomorrow.
Ciao bella

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Upcoming American Bazaar

So the last time I blogged I was hoping that I would be journaling my endeavors on a regular basis and showcasing my latest creations. However life has a way of getting in the way of such aspirations. Anyhoo... now it's time to buckle down and get down to business. There are two fairs coming up in Dhaka. I have jointly taken a stall with a friend at the upcoming American Bazaar hosted by the Dhaka American Womens Club at the American International School on Friday November 25, 2011. So now I really do have to get my butt in gear and get as many things made for the bazaar.

Recently I have been working on my satin creations ( satin cutwork) that work like iron on stickers to put on clothing such as tops, kameez and scarfs ( dupattas). So far people have ordered these stickers in sets such as pieces to to place around wrists, collar/neckline and sometimes in the front hem of the kameez. I will have to created one of my kameez's to photograph and showcase on my blog here in the near future.

In addition to the stickers and satin pieces, I am also hoping to make some table runners/ centerpieces and table placemat sets.  I would love to make some tablecloths but that is way to time consuming and I will probably not be able to meet the deadling for the end of the month. This time around I will concentrate on the placemats.

The other thing I am hoping to get to is cloth handbags. Afterall the blogspot is called Zaffran jhola meaning bag or sack. There in lies by real passion-bags!!! and I have not made any time recently to actually work on my bag making skills.

Let's see how many items I can get done in the next two weeks. Stay tuned for upcoming updates!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gathering supplies...

I have been away for over a week gathering supplies in Bangkok for my projects.  I have been meaning to document my current crazy quilting projects but have not found the time since my return.It is on a long list of things to do for this blogging journal where I want to document my sewing projects.  I haven't blogged before so there will be a bit of learning curve but lately I have found many other fellow crafters and quilters who blog their work and it's been a great source of inspiration for me as well.
Hello everyone.  This blog is a place for me to journal my sewing and stitching projects. Although I tried my hand at embroidery as a teen, I am in essence a newbie to the field. Awhile back when I bought my electric sewing machine I was inspired to recycle my old clothing into cloth bags. Since my return to my home country Bangladesh after living in the US for 16 years, I have taken up sewing by hand and machine as a pastime. I love bags in all shapes and sizes, particularly cloth hand made ones.  I have recently taken  a interest in patchwork and come across a field of stitching called crazy quilting(CQ).  I have really fallen in love with the genre if you can call it that. My form of patchwork is slightly different then traditional CQ ( I will elaborate further as my blog progresses). Currently I am enrolled in ribbon embroidery class which has led me to look for various websites for both ideas and materials as well as design. This is part of what led to me decideto blog my work as I have found so many others on the internet  who share their work and ideas as well as knowledge of the field.  I hope people visiting the blog will find it interesting and join in.